Basements are the perfect solution to the lack of space in London. Building up is increasingly difficult in the capital, but building below the ground is proving more popular than ever.

So could a home with a basement be just what you are looking for?

Basements Can Be Used for Anything

The great thing about basements is that they can be used for any purpose. For example, Ricky Gervais has a basement gym in his London home. And Damien Hirst uses his basement to house his extensive art collection.

You could also turn your basement into a luxury private space for any purpose. Here is a list of five luxury basements with photos to give you some ideas about your own conversion.

You can use your basement for any purpose you want. By adding another level under your home, you could have space to add:

  • gym
  • sauna
  • playroom for the kids
  • home office
  • home cinema
  • living room

Some of these ideas are particularly well suited to basements. For example, a home cinema could be ideal in a basement because of the lack of natural light. A soundproofed basement could also be the perfect place for noisy children to play, or for you to get some quiet work done.

Other Benefits of Building Down

Building down by excavating a basement has a couple of other significant benefits. Firstly, by adding more space, you can also add more value to your property. Should you decide to sell up in a few years time, there is a good chance that your property will be worth more with a basement than without – whether it is in a prime location or not.

Another reason why basements are so popular is because you will often not face the same difficulties with planning permission that you might face for an above-ground extension. As a result, you may be able to make the changes to your property quicker so you can start to enjoy the benefits sooner.

Two Options when Searching for Your Property

If you like the idea of a basement in your London property, you have two options when you start your search. The first is to find a property that already comes with a basement built in. This will clearly save you the hassle of carrying out the excavations yourself, but it will almost certainly mean a higher asking price.

The second option is to search for a property that has the potential for developing a basement. This may not always be obvious when you are viewing a property, but when you work with me to carry out your property search in London, I will make this one of the key requirements on the list.

That way, when you come to viewing the properties, you will already know that building a basement is an option for the future whether you are planning to buy a home to live in or you want to build a basement and sell the property on in a few years time for a tidy profit.

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