Buying a property is always going to involve a large investment, especially in an area as popular as Surrey. The Financial Times recently reported that rising house prices in the UK have prevented over a million people buying a home since 2010, and that’s because prices have gone up 17 percent in that time period while wage growth has remained stagnant.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t bargains to be found, even at the top of the market. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you potentially make a saving on your new property.

Do Your Research

Wherever possible, research the property and the seller as much as you can to arm yourself for the negotiation. Find out what other properties have sold for in the area, the average price per square foot, how long the property has been on the market, how many viewings have taken place, and whether there is a chain.

If the property has been on the market for a long time, the owners may be asking too much, or there may be a problem with it. You may even find out that the owners are in a rush to sell for whatever reason, and this could work in your favour.

Use a Specialist to Help You Bargain

Bargaining is not easy, especially if you don’t have the experience. When you are in a situation where bargaining is possible, it can help to have a specialist property finder on your side to help you.

The best properties sell quickly, especially in Surrey, so it pays to get in quickly, which means you need the help of someone who knows as soon as a suitable property comes onto the market – or even before.

A specialist property finder can help demonstrate that you are in the best position to bid for the property, and they can assist you with coming up with an effective offer. Making a suitable offer is a skill in itself, but get it right and you may find that sellers are more likely to negotiate.

Buy at the Right Time

Certain times of the year are typically quieter in the property market; when the market is slow, fewer buyers are competing so that you may have more leeway when it comes to making an offer. Before the election would have been a good time to buy, but other slow times of the year tend to include August, December and January.

Engage a Surveyor

Hiring a surveyor can be a wise decision because it can give you extra ammunition when it comes to bargaining. A surveyor may uncover faults or repairs that need making, and you could use these to justify your lower offer.

Always Pay the Best Price for Your Property

Buying property can be stressful, and when you find one you love, there can be a temptation to just go ahead and pay over the odds to secure it. But there are often ways to pay less for it so keep these tips in mind and speak to a specialist property finder to help you with the process of finding properties and placing offers.

If you are currently considering buying or renting a residential property an independent home search consultancy could help you to source and secure the ideal property and guide you through the transaction process.

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