Premium properties often come with unique and special features, and you may well be looking for something very specific in your new property; for example, you may be keen to buy a property with a state-of-the-art home entertainment system. If you like the idea of your own cinema room or a recording studio, I can help you find a property that comes with one of these.


Home Cinemas: A Feature of Premium Properties

You only have to read a few news stories to know that many premium properties have features like home cinemas.

For example, footballer Phil Neville’s mansion in Cheshire has its own cinema, as does this £40 million mansion in Hampstead reported in the Daily Mail, which comes with eight bedrooms and security features controllable from an iPad. Even student accommodation can come with a home cinema these days.

These are some extreme examples, but there are many other properties that come with home cinemas, and you don’t have to buy a luxury mansion. I can help you to find properties in the South East that either have home cinemas ready to use, or which have rooms suitable for conversion.

You may want to build your own cinema as a project, and you can find all the details you need online. For example, this Lifehacker guide shows you simply need to invest in the right ‘kit’. As long as you have the room available and a bit of money to invest in equipment, there is not much to it.


Recording Studios

Recording studios range from professional setups to more basic systems, and it all depends on what you are looking for. Many large properties come with rooms that have already been converted into a studio, but you could easily create your own studio without too much work.

Once you have soundproofed the room, search online stores like Gear4Music for new or second-hand equipment including headphones, monitors, microphones, mixers and interfaces to create your own studio.


Other Features of Hi-Tech Home Entertainment

There are many other hi-tech features that you can set up in your home – how about remote control blinds like these remote controlled blinds from Somfy so you can sit down on the sofa to watch a film and close the blinds without ever having to get up.

Or you may be interested in a distributed audio system allowing you to listen to music in every room and control it all through one system. You may need a structured wiring system to do this, although it is possible the property that already has this in place – and it is certainly the sort of feature I can look for when carrying out your property search.


Whatever You Want, Let Me Help

If you want a premium feature like a home entertainment system in your property, that’s exactly the reason why you should use my services. I provide a bespoke home search service, so I can include specific features like this in my property search. Just add it to the list of must-haves for your new home and let me find your hi-tech property for you.
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