Buying a property can be a stressful time for anyone, but especially so if you are investing in prime real estate in some of the most competitive areas in the country. If you are looking for a property in London or the surrounding areas, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Start By Researching the Area

The first thing to do is find an area you like, and this will mean taking various factors into account such as schools, shops, parks and entertainment in the area. This will depend entirely on your circumstances, such as whether you have young children and where you work.

Take your time over this, try to visit as many areas as you can and get a feel for them. You may find that one or two areas stand out to you as particularly desirable, and this can help you to narrow your search.


How Might Property Prices Change?

Property prices in London are high at the moment, and they are set to go higher. Buying a property now is therefore likely to be a good investment. However, some areas may see higher rises than surrounding areas in coming years, and this is where using the services of a specialist like myself can help.

For example, take the Crossrail Line project that will open in 2018. Homes near to the stations along the line have seen huge price increases over recent years, and they may continue to go up in value more than surrounding properties in the future.

You may also want to consider buying property in an area that is up and coming to get a good deal and to enjoy a faster rise in value, and this is where you need a specialist who knows the market to help you.


Consider the Transport Links

If you are going to be commuting, transport links are vital. Areas around London have great transport links, but some areas are better than others. If you don’t mind whether you live in London or outside the city, you could save a lot of money by investing in a property outside London that has good links to your place of work. Just remember to take into account how long you will spend travelling each day.


Always Negotiate

There is no point spending more than you have to when you buy a property, so negotiation should be a standard practice. However, so many people fail to do this properly, and I can help here. I have a lifetime’s experience of negotiating, and I will make sure you always get your property for the best possible price.


Be Fast

You have to be quick to get the best properties in London and the surrounding areas because good properties go very quickly. Again, I can help here. I will find properties that are sometimes not even on the market yet by using my extensive list of contacts, ensuring you get your offer in quickly.


Get Your Property Search Off to a Good Start

Finding a property in London or the surrounding areas does not have to be difficult. When you’ve got me helping you, it can be fun. I’ll take the hard work out of it, I’ll use my extensive list of contacts and I will help you to find the best deals where other buyers don’t stand a chance. So get in touch if you’d like to talk over your plans, and let’s find your perfect property


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