What’s the Best Way to Find a Home in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire?
Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire are popular places to live. With excellent proximity and links to London they also have enough countryside to feel far away, enjoy stunning scenery, and they are filled with quaint historic villages and wonderful properties.

But if you have your heart set on moving to one of these counties, what is the best way to set about finding a home?

Decide On the Must-Have Features
First of all, create a list of all of the essential ‘must-have’ features of your property. After you have done that, create a second list of the ‘desirable’ features that you could live without if you have to. For example, a stable may be essential and four bedrooms may be essential, while a home studio may simply be desirable. This will help you to narrow down your focus and provide you with more direction when you start searching for properties.

This is also the time to think about a maximum budget. You may want to find out what sort of properties are available and then come up with an upper limit – the maximum amount you would be prepared to spend if your absolute dream property turned up.  If you need to raise finance to achieve this then now is the best time to speak to a good financial advisor so you know precisely what your options are from the outset.

Research Various Locations
Next you will want to decide on a location. You could visit various locations on your own and take the time to explore the area (or you may know the area already). Alternatively, you can use the services of a professional.

If you want to use a professional, make sure you find someone who knows the area well; there is simply no point in using the services of a professional unless they have specific knowledge that you can benefit from.  That professional could be a local estate agent, but bear in mind your chosen location may have ten different firms each with a number of eager people willing to talk to you about their clients’ property.  If you’re researching a number of different locations you could easily end up speaking to more than 50 different people!

Alternatively you could speak to one independent property search consultant like myself.

Either way you will now have a set of priorities, and they will know which villages and towns are most likely to be most suitable. They will take a number of factors into consideration, including the transport links, schools, hospitals, natural attractions and more to help you make the right decision.

Carry Out Viewings
For some, this is the fun part – for others one of the most stressful and frustrating, depending on how you go about it – it’s time for the viewings. You absolutely must make time to view properties before you can choose one, but there are different ways to go about it.

If you have lots of time, you may simply want to view properties recommended by an estate agent, (but be wary of where their true allegiance lies). As a result there will probably be a lot of ‘misses’ – properties that fail to live up to their glossy write-ups – but if time is not an issue, it could be a good option.

Alternatively, you could use the services of a property search consultant, like myself.  I’ll visit the properties for you, crossing the ‘misses’ off the list so that you only need view the ones worthy of a place on a shortlist based on your strict requirements; those that have a genuine chance of being of interest to you, which will save you lots of time.

Decide How You Want to Go About It
Whether you use my service or if you prefer to use estate agents, always give yourself time to find your ideal property rather than rushing into it.

One thing to note is that I will often be able to gain access to properties that are not being marketed to the general public. Some of the best properties are marketed more discretely, or they may not have been advertised yet. So if you would like to get access to those unique properties, using a property search consultant can be a very good idea.

If you are currently considering buying or renting a residential property an independent home search consultancy could help you to source and secure the ideal property and guide you through the transaction process.

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