Berkshire has many charms, including stunning countryside, excellent schools and its proximity to London. And now there is another reason to move here – the opportunity to have A-list celebrities like George Clooney as your neighbours.


The Clooneys Move In

According to a recent article in the Evening Standard, George Clooney and his wife Amal recently moved into a £10 million property in the village of Sonning in Berkshire. They purchased the 17th-century Grade II listed manor house on Sonning Eye, an island hamlet, and it is now their permanent home.

Since they moved in, they have been spotted in the local pub and restaurant, and it seems like they are keen to become regular members of the community. As you can imagine, this caused a great deal of excitement for the local residents.

However, the Clooneys are not the only celebrities in the area. The article claims that Taylor Swift is currently looking for a mansion, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may also be heading this way. Home Secretary Theresa May also lives in Sonning. And just a few miles away is Henley; Orlando Bloom and Liam Gallagher each have homes here.

It seems that there is currently a large demand for properties valued £8 million and up in the region, so local residents can expect to have even more famous neighbours in the near future.


What Is the Attraction?

Berkshire has long been a desirable place to buy premium property. The proximity to London is a major attraction, but residents also get to enjoy living in the countryside experiencing the joys of living in a village community. For many celebrities, this is exactly what they are looking for when they picture the English ideal. And for major celebrities, there is also the benefit that the paparazzi have a hard time getting to them.

Then of course there are the Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury spas in nearby towns like Bray and Marlow, all of which make the area even more desirable.


Find Your Perfect Property in Berkshire

Berkshire has long been a popular location for high-end real estate, and the arrival of so many celebrities suggests that it will maintain its attraction for a long time to come. Finding a property here involves knowing the market and being able to make the connections to find those exclusive “off market” properties that are not advertised by estate agents.

I specialise in Berkshire and the surrounding area including Surrey, Hampshire and London, and I can help you to find your perfect property. I’ll take the hassle out of looking so you don’t waste any time viewing unsuitable properties, and I’ll help you from start to finish – then you too could soon be seeing A-list celebrities in your local pub.


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