Surrey’s proximity to London coupled with its stunning countryside and historic towns makes it one of the most popular places in the country to live. Property prices are high, but they could go higher, making now a good time to buy. If you are considering buying your new home in Surrey, here’s how I can help make things easier.


Find the Best Properties Faster

Estate agents know that I represent serious and motivated buyers, and this immediately affects how they deal with us. Importantly, it opens up opportunities that would not be available if you searched alone.

This includes off-market opportunities, or properties that are being marketed very discreetly, which are only available to the most committed buyers. Often they are not advertised at all. So if you are looking for a really unique property, there’s a better chance of finding it with my help.


Take the Stress Out of House-Hunting

There is no getting around the fact that buying a house can be very stressful. But you can make it a lot easier by using my services. I provide the most exclusive and dedicated home search Surrey has to offer. This is a complete service that starts with you telling me what you are looking for, and ends with you signing for your dream property.

I aim to make the process exciting rather than stressful. There is no need for you to visit endless properties that are simply not suitable, so you don’t have to waste your precious time. Searching for a home can be tiring, but with me you will only be visiting properties that I have already carefully matched to your specific requirements. You also won’t have to worry about dealing with the estate agents – I do all of that for you.


Find Exactly What You Are Looking For

Many of my clients have exacting requirements, and you may be looking for something very specific for your new home. This could include a property with unique features such as a stable, a lake, a recording studio or anything else. It’s my job to search the market and find exactly what you are looking for.


Never Get Taken for a Ride

When you start your home search in Surrey, you may be worried that you are going to end up spending more than you should. If you don’t have experience of bargaining, finding the right property for the right price can be difficult. Sellers want to get the highest price possible, and estate agents help them to do so. But I know all the tricks in the book to ensure you get the best price, so you know you will never pay over the odds.


I’ve Got Your Best Interests at Heart

The one crucial thing to remember when you hire me for your home search in Surrey is that I have only got your interests at heart. I’m completely independent and not tied to anyone else, and you can be sure that I am working for you alone. I even refuse to work with other clients who have the same search criteria as you so that I can always get the best deal for you alone.

If that sounds like something that interests you, get in touch and let’s find your perfect Surrey home together.

Call Richard Mottley on 0800 999 5758 or 07769 32 57 58 for further information or submit an enquiry here: