Establishing the right price to pay for a property has always been something of an inexact science, but informed assistance is at hand.  Historically the preserve of the elite and/or well heeled, a Relocation Agent, or Buying Agent such as Sanderling Homesearch can help anybody who is looking to purchase a property.  But can we save you money?

“Employing a Relocation Agent must come at a price”  you say – and this is indeed true but the service provided not only relieves you of the stress and strain of the whole process, you could easily save money on the whole transaction as demonstrated below.

In a challenging and of late escalating market, with asking figures on the rise, and selling prices achieving 99% of the asking price on average, Sanderling Homesearch recently secured a reduction of over 11% from the asking price, a real cash saving for our clients, significantly in excess of our 1.5% fee.

For another property that saving was a bit over 5% from an already realistic asking price for first time buyer clients, still significantly in excess of our 1.5% fee, and again representing a real cash saving for these clients.

Therefore the answer is Yes! – Sanderling Homesearch really can save you money!

So whether you’re looking for a country mansion, a family detached, a terrace or you are a first time buyer just wanting to make sure you don’t get tricked or tripped up, let Sanderling Homesearch to do all the hard work for you.  Allow us to assist you through the whole process, and save you some money along the way!