More and more people are taking their home security seriously. But rather than sticking to locking the doors and windows and installing a house alarm, some homeowners are taking things further and building their own panic rooms.

Some of my clients either want to buy properties with panic rooms already installed, or want to find properties in which they can build their own. Here are some of the factors that you should consider if you like the idea of having a panic room in your home.

Overview of Panic Rooms

If you have watched David Fincher’s 2002 film ‘Panic Room’ starring Jodie Foster, you will already have a good idea of what a panic room is.

Panic rooms – also known as safe rooms – are essentially specially built spaces in the home that are designed to provide a secure zone for the inhabitants. The idea is that if you feel threatened in your home, you can hide in the panic room where you will be safe from any intruders.

Which Homes Are They Used In?

People typically have panic rooms in their homes when they feel threatened. Although this can be for any reason, it is often more common for wealthy homeowners whose valuable items can prove tempting for thieves. The risk of a home invasion may be more likely, and a panic room is a personal safety measure they can take.

Typical Features of a Panic Room

Panic rooms are often hidden from sight. They may be hidden behind a chest of drawers or under the stairs so that intruders cannot find them. However, they can just as easily be standard rooms like a bathroom or bedroom that have been fortified.

At their most basic, a panic room can simply comprise a normal room with reinforced doors. However, more advanced panic rooms come with a whole range of features, including:

  • concrete bases
  • steel ceilings
  • Kevlar or steel walls
  • independent electricity and water supply
  • separate phone line
  • peephole to provide a view of outside the room
  • monitor to watch CCTV footage
  • air-conditioning

In addition, owners may kit out their rooms with supplies to help them should they have to use it. This could include a first-aid kit, radio, torch, cans of food and drink.

Because they can vary so much, panic rooms can cost from as little as £1,000 right up to tens of thousands of pounds.

Let Me Help You Find Your New Property

If you want to find a property with a panic room, or a property within which you can install one yourself, let me help you. This is just one of the property features my clients often ask for, and I am used to such requests.

I will then make this one of the features to look out for when identifying properties on your behalf so that you can feel safe in your new home.

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