When viewing any property, and especially prime real estate, there are certain rules of etiquette that you should follow. Not only is it common courtesy to follow these rules, but also failing to do so could have a negative effect on your chances of buying the property.

So what should you do (and not do) when you view a property?

Keep the Viewing Party to a Minimum

Don’t go to the viewing with too many people, and especially not the first one. Keep to a maximum of two to start with, which might include you and your partner or friend. When a seller is opening up their home to you, even three or four people could be too much. If you view the property a second time, it may be okay to take one other person along. But please – no dogs!

Always Ask Before Taking Photos

It is not good etiquette to start taking photos in a property without first asking either the estate agent or the owner if they are present. This is somebody’s private home after all, and they may not be happy with you taking photos of their rooms.

If you are given permission, only take photos if they are really necessary. For example, perhaps your partner cannot make it to the viewing, in which case you have more need to take photos.

Avoid Making Negative Remarks

Don’t like the wallpaper? Hate what they have done with their living room? Resist saying anything in the presence of the owner. Remember, they have made a conscious decision to decorate the home in a particular way, and there is no need to make negative comments no matter how you feel.

Avoid rushing through the property, making it clear that you don’t like it. Even if you can tell that it’s not what you are looking for, at least show a bit of interest rather than taking a quick look inside and announcing it’s not for you.

Avoid Mentioning Large Changes You Would Make

It is best to avoid mentioning significant changes that you would make if you end up buying the property, such as knocking down a wall. People are proud of their homes, and they may not like the thought of someone changing it drastically once they are gone. Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t make any changes, but keep them to yourself at this stage.

Show Up on Time

Simply arriving on time is one of the key things to keep in mind when you arrange a viewing; it shows respect and courtesy to the owner and your estate agent. Remember that other people have accommodated their schedules to fit in your viewing, so always respect this.

Don’t Turn Up Unannounced

Once you have viewed a property and are considering making an offer, always go through the selling agent or your buying agent if you want to take another look. Never just show up unannounced or peer into the garden from the pavement; instead get the estate agent to arrange an official viewing.

Enjoy a Positive Viewing Experience

You may view many properties before you decide to make an offer, but whether you are viewing your first property or your tenth, keep these etiquette tips in mind. If you do decide to put in an offer, it never hurts to make a good impression on the seller and their agent, and that is exactly what these tips will help you to do.

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