When you start your search for a property, you will find that there are many options. You can visit estate agents and view properties on their recommendations, you can look for properties in newspaper property sections, or you can browse property search websites.

All of these have their uses, but my service is different. I’m a property search consultant, and I make the prospect of finding your ideal property quicker, easier, more enjoyable – and often more affordable.

Here’s how I do it:

I Do the Searching So You Don’t Have To

It is my responsibility to find and view properties to create a shortlist based on your specific requirements.

Much of the stress of house hunting comes down to finding properties that look like a good fit, spending the time to view them, and quickly realising they are not suitable. Not only do you have to find them in the first place, but you then end up wasting further time on viewings.

Many of my clients do not have this time to waste. They are busy at work during the weeks, and the last thing they want to do at the weekends is view endless unsuitable properties.

So I find properties for them. I view them, and I will either discard them as unsuitable, or recommend that you take a look yourself. I can do this because I know exactly what you want after we discuss your requirements in detail – not just the basics but right down to the finer details.

I Find the Properties You Can’t Find Yourself

I don’t just take the hassle out of the property search: I also find the best properties in the first place. This includes properties that you would not come across yourself, and I do this in a number of ways.

I have many contacts that I have built up over a long career in the property industry. Once I send the word out about what I’m looking for, I start getting results.

But it gets even better, because I will get access to properties that are not being publicly advertised. Some of the best premium properties are never advertised in estate agent windows. They may be marketed quietly, and they may only be available to the best buyers.

When I represent you, you become a serious buyer. Estate agents will instantly know that you are not going to waste their time because you have gone to the trouble of hiring a specialist property search consultant. That instantly puts you on that exclusive list, allowing you to get access to the best properties.

I Get the Best Price for You

When you use the services of an estate agent, they are not working for you but the seller – and they want to get the best price possible. That’s not how I work though. I work only for you, and I go so far that I won’t even work for anyone with the same search criteria as you because I don’t want any conflicts of interest.

Bargaining can be tricky. On your own, you can easily end up paying over the odds by panicking that you might lose the property and paying more than you should. I’ve got a lot of experience haggling over prices so I always make sure you never pay more than you should – as well as taking the stress out of the whole situation in the first place.

Find Out Exactly How I Can Help You

That is a brief overview of what a property search consultant does, but there are many other ways I can help. Get in touch for a friendly chat to find out more about my service, and I look forward to helping you find your dream property.

Call Richard Mottley on 0800 999 5758 or 07769 32 57 58 for further information or submit an enquiry here: http://sanderlinghomesearch.com/contact