When you are looking for a new home at the upper end of the market, there are many exciting features that you may have on your wish list. And as a home search consultant for premium property hunters, I’ve seen it all. Two of the most popular features that come up are fishing lakes and stables for horses. So what do you need to know when looking for a property with one of these?


Tips for Finding an Equestrian Home

One of the first considerations for an equestrian home is the location. When deciding on a location, somewhere with good outriding is useful, as well as easy access to the main roads if you plan to compete. You may also want to consider the proximity of equestrian veterinary practices.

You may want to seek out a property complete with a ready-made yard. This way you can move in directly without any waiting around. But remember that some things can be added quickly and easily. For example, field shelters are quick to put up, and you could also opt for a stable on skids.

The space you need for grazing is also an important consideration. Be practical about this because you will only need between one and two acres per horse. Also find out whether you can split the space into smaller paddocks.

Another important consideration is choosing land with a fresh water supply. Free-draining land is also a good option if you can choose the type of soil because it is easier to maintain.


Finding a Fishing Friendly Property

Moving near to a good fishing lake or two is a great option if you are a keen angler, but what if you want to be able to fish in private at your property? You could to do what John Terry did and build your own lake; he had to apply for permission to build this in the grounds of his Oxshott mansion, and he now has an 8.5 by 5 metre lake.

Another option is to find a property with fishing rights, as explained in this Telegraph article. Fishing rights will typically increase the value of a property. Indeed, Mark Merison from Strutt & Parker is quoted in the article as saying fishing rights can add 30 percent to the value. Long waiting lists for properties are also common.

Instead of a lake, you may want a property that has a river running through it. You should also consider the type of fish in the river or lake. For example, you may want to fish for trout in the famous chalk streams of the south such as the River Itchen. But properties with such fishing rights are scarce and very few come onto the market.

If you cannot wait around, you could simply join a fishing club that owns a stretch of stream, or join a syndicate that owns a stretch, and this should be considered a possible alternative.


Keep Your Eye Out for the Perfect Property

You can use these tips when you are looking for the ideal property complete with a stables or fishing lake or stream. However, remember that such properties are popular, especially those with fishing rights, so you want to do everything you can to seek out the right property and make a winning offer – and that’s exactly what I will help you to do.

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